11 Reasons To Hire Me

#1 Personal touch: The same person that you talk to over the phone (me) will be the same person cleaning your home. This is my own business. I run it locally and I built it from the ground up. I am responsive and accommodating. No 1-800 numbers to reach me. No nonsense.

#2 Safe and eco-friendly solutions: It’s up to you to decide whether you want harsh chemicals used to clean your carpets and upholstery or if you prefer mild, safe solutions to get the job done. The safety and effectiveness of the products that I use are an excellent reason to hire Carpet Smart

#3 Powerful equipment: I use state of the art equipment that really does a heck of a job! I’ve invested heavily in all of my equipment. From my heavy-duty, high-powered truck-mounted cleaning system, to the Rotovac 360i rotary tool, to all of my solutions, the quality equipment makes a huge difference. Some cleaners skimp on the initial investment and use inferior tools. Not I.

#4 Professionalism: Your appointment is your appointment and it is my top priority. Have you grown weary of home service providers consistently showing up late? Me too. I will show up on time because it is the professional thing to do.

#5 Top notch service: I believe that one of the things that makes owning a small business so great is the superior and unique level of service I can provide. You just won’t find the same level of service with massive, national franchises. I run my business with my clients in mind. My clients are #1 and I do my utmost to provide distinctive, quality service to all of my clients.

#6 Super-comprehensive cleaning process: My process includes 17 steps in order to get the cleaning done right. You won’t find me skipping steps or neglecting any aspect of your carpet. My standard process is thorough, comprehensive, and effective.

#7 Up front pricing: You won’t get any slimy sales tactics or hidden fees with me. Do you ever feel uncomfortable with the high pressure sales tactics that home service providers sometimes employ to inflate bills? Well, my standard service is all inclusive and one up front price. I won’t try to convince you that you need to add such and such a service for a more complete job. You get it all with my standard package.

#8 Monthly newsletter: Each and every month I publish another issue of The Carpet Smart Newsletter. This fun periodical informs you on what’s going on with the business. It also provides cleaning tips, a client spotlight, and more. Many of my clients tell me how much they enjoy seeing the hand addressed, bright envelope show up in their mailbox every month!

#9 Super-awesome referral contest: Referrals are a huge part of my business and it’s important to me to express gratitude when referrals come in. Every month, I collect the referrals that I received and I draw a winner from a hat (yes, I really use a hat, sometimes a sombrero). I give the winner a fantastic gift. Every time you refer a new client to me, you increase your odds at winning a great gift!

#10 300% Carpet Smart Guarantee: What’s this, you ask? Well, I’ve created a rock solid guarantee that I thoroughly stand by. Here it goes: If you, for any reason, are not satisfied with your cleaning, I will come by and fix the problem. If you are still not satisfied, I will personally hire another IICRC cleaner to get the work done. Finally, if you feel I have wasted your time at all, I will donate $100 to your favorite local charity. Now that is one rock solid guarantee.

#11 Free bottle of stain remover with every job: Not only will I work hard to get out the existing stains in your carpet, but I also give all of my clients a bottle of the exact same stain remover I use. This way, if you get a stain on your carpets you can use the solution I left with you! And, if you ever run out of solution, just let me know and I’ll stop by with a new bottle!