Fast Drying Carpets

When people think about getting their carpets cleaned, one of the most common things they worry about is how long it will take for the carpets to dry after the cleaning. Some people are worried that they will have to wait a long time before they can walk on their carpet again. They want to be able to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

When people think about drying time for a wet carpet, they also worry about the flooring underneath the carpet. They are concerned about possible microbial growth from the wet environment.

A properly trained professional carpet cleaner knows how to use hot water to clean your carpets without over-wetting them. I have extensive training on all of the equipment that I use in my cleaning process and I know the proper range of water pressure (150-300 psi) that I should use to ensure a proper cleaning and guard against over-wetting the carpet. Over-wetting the carpet creates extended drying times and opens the potential for microbial growth underneath the carpet padding. Over-wetting the carpet is also an example of technician error. I will not make this mistake in your home.

In addition to cleaning your carpets with the right amount of water, the high powered vacuum that I use removes most of the rinse water, so your carpets do not get soaked. Yes, I do use a good amount of water to get your carpets clean. However, the majority of that water gets sucked right back up my vacuum hose and into the waste tank in my truck, right after it does its cleaning duty.

After I’ve cleaned your carpets and vacuumed the majority of the water out of them, I take an additional step to speed up the drying time. As part of my all-inclusive service I finish up the cleaning process with a carpet grooming. I use a special brush to lift the pile in the carpet so that it stands up vertically. This exposes more surface area on each and every fiber of the carpet to moving air in the home. Exposing as much surface area of the carpet to the moving air as possible helps speed up the drying time.

Every home has some naturally occurring moving air inside of it, and this moving air is what will complete the drying of your carpets. But, because I want you to get back to normal quickly, I improve on the moving air in your house. As a part of my service, I lay out 3 high powered fans that blow air in all directions. Whenever I’m done cleaning one room, I lay out these fans to initiate the drying process. These fans greatly speed up the drying process because moving air is crucial to getting a fast dry time.

With my comprehensive service you will have clean carpets and be back to your normal routine in no time!