How To Vacuum Your Couch and Chairs

Sometimes when I start cleaning the upholstery at a client’s home, they look at me with equal parts amusement and confusion as I begin to vacuum their couch.

Do you vacuum your furniture regularly? If you are like most people, the answer is likely ‘no’. Unfortunately, it’s uncommon for people to vacuum upholstery as often as carpet.

Don’t fall into this flawed mindset! Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But, here’s my thoughts on this…

Carpeting acts like a filter. So does your upholstery. Carpeting needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis. So does your upholstery!

Just as you should vacuum your carpeting at least once per week to remove the week’s deposits of dirt, grime, dust, and dander, you should also vacuum your upholstery in tandem with your carpeting.

Of course you will be using different parts of the vacuum…

Don’t try to stand on the couch and push the vacuum upright over your cushions. This won’t work!

It’s pretty simple, really. All vacuums come with a detachable hose and upholstery tools. The upholstery tool is the small, rectangular piece that attaches to your hose. All you have to do once the attachment is connected to your vacuum is turn the switch on the vacuum to the proper setting and vacuum away. You should have powerful suction on the end of your hose.

Go over all of the areas of your couch and chairs with the upholstery head attached to your vacuum. Make sure to press down and create as much of a seal as possible between the fabric and the tool. You should see marks on the fabric as you move the tool around. Just as you would when you’re vacuuming your carpet, you can watch small objects like wrappers and crumbs disappear with each pass. Make sure to get all sides and under any removable cushions.

Some upholstery heads have detachable parts that have small brushes built in. These are great to use on a couch that houses cats and dogs. The bristles on these attachments really catch a lot of hair. Using this attachment is the easiest way to remove hair from your furniture.

You will be amazed at how nice your upholstery looks after a simple dry vacuuming!

Here’s to keeping your couch clean and vibrant!