How To Vacuum Your Mattress

Sure, not everyone has a high powered Boxxer 421 Truck Mounted Hot Water Extractor lying around. So, when it comes to mattress cleaning, it’s best to leave that to the people who do have a high powered Boxxer 421 Truck Mounted Hot Water Extractor.

However, you can maintain your mattress all on your own.

It’s very simple to maintain the health and cleanliness of your mattress in between professional cleanings. It really only requires one tool: a vacuum cleaner.

The best way to vacuum your mattress is with the upholstery attachment. Simply attach the upholstery tool, switch the vac to the proper setting for using the tool, and you will have the suction you need.

When you vacuum your mattress, you can go either side-to-side or lengthwise over the surface of the mattress. It doesn’t matter which direction you vacuum in. What’s important is that you are thorough and that you make multiple passes over the same area of your mattress. You want to be as effective as possible in removing as much dry soiling as possible. By removing dry soiling you will help to keep your mattress fresh and free of excess dust, skin cells, and who-knows-what-else.