Not All Carpets Are Created Equal

It is certainly true that not all carpets are created equal. Some carpets are berber, some are plush, and some are commercial. Some carpets cost 50 cents a square foot and others cost $5 a square foot! Some carpets are 25 years old… that have a long history of puppy training, child raising, and party having in them! Some carpets are brand new and spotless.

One way to make sure your carpet cleaner has a good understanding of your special carpeting needs is to be upfront and descriptive with them when you make your first appointment.

Before your carpet cleaner even comes to your home, it’s helpful if you let them know as much as you can about your carpet. They will be interested to hear about the age of your carpet, what types of stains you have, your carpet’s fiber type, your traffic patterns, and any other details that make your carpet unique. All of this information helps them prepare for your cleaning.

Your carpet cleaner knows how to properly treat all different kinds of carpet and they will take great care with yours.

Depending on the type of carpet (berber, plush, commercial glue-down), the cleaning technician will know exactly how to approach the cleaning. For example, when cleaning berber and commercial carpet with the Rotovac 360i, your cleaner knows they need to slow down the head to properly treat the low lying nature of berber and commercial carpeting. Slow passes will get berber cleaned right up! On plush carpeting, the best approach is to turn the Rotovac all the way up. This helps get thorough agitation for a truly deep clean.

Depending on the fiber of the carpet, your technician will also have to modify their approach to the cleaning. If the carpeting is wool, then they need to make sure they’re using the appropriate solutions. Cleaning wool should be done with solutions as close to neutral as possible. This is important because high alkaline solutions can damage wool fibers.

Another cautionary approach to cleaning wool is to make sure the temperature is turned down. Wool has the tendency to become damaged when cleaned with water that is too high in temperature. Your carpet cleaner also knows that wool can have a “wet dog” smell after cleaning. They’ll remind you that the odor will fade after a day so you don’t worry about it.

When dealing with nylon, polyester, and other synthetic carpets, your carpet cleaner will know the resiliency of these fabrics. Thus, they can feel comfortable using even a high alkaline cleaner to get the heavy traffic areas and nasty soiling spots cleaned up. This, of course, must be followed by a thorough rinsing. Also, all of these synthetic materials respond well to high temperature water during the cleaning.

With children, pets, and party-hosting, carpets can seriously take a beating. Stains and spots tend to accumulate over time and if they are not dealt with in a timely manner, they may become permanent. However, a skilled carpet cleaning technician will be able to identify spots and effectively use a variety of staining solutions with the goal of removing stains completely. Some stains do come out very easily, while others are more stubborn and may only lighten up slightly. Your carpet cleaning technician will be able to judge the situation and discuss expectations with you.

Another detail that the carpet cleaning technician will keep in mind is the age of the carpet and its condition. Heavily soiled carpets that haven’t been cleaned in years will, of course, not clean up as nicely or easily as a carpet that is only a year old. Soils that have been embedded for years eventually become so united with the fibers of your carpet on a microscopic level that removing them is impossible.

Your technician should tell you that carpeting that is regularly cleaned will always clean up better than a carpet that is only periodically cleaned. This is because, with each cleaning, soils are removed that could otherwise become embedded in the carpet.

Why not schedule a 6 month maintenance cleaning with the carpet cleaner that’s on your speed dial!?