Odor and Carpeting

Carpeting has the ability to trap all types of soils and keep them deep in the carpet fibers. This is one of the reasons that carpeting is thought of as a filter. Carpeting traps particles that are blown about in the air, tracked in from outside, deposited by pets, and spilled by kids.

If just moved into a home with carpeting, you may be able to figure a few things out about the previous owner based solely on the carpeting. The smell of the carpeting in your home is very telling.

Does the carpeting smell like a dog? Is there a lingering cat dander smell to it? Perhaps there are certain areas of the carpeting that small faintly like vomit. Does the carpeting have a smoky smell to it?

Carpeting and odors go hand in hand. What can you do to remove the odors from your carpeting? Sometimes a professional cleaning will remove all the odors from your carpet and leave it smelling brand new. Professional cleaners that use state of the art equipment combined with a thorough process really can lift up tons of soils and odors that are creating that undesirable smell in your carpets.

Sometimes, of course, even the best professional cleaner cannot remove all of the odors from your carpet. For example, If there was a smoker living and smoking in the home for 20 years, chances are the odors from 20 years of cigarette smoking will not leave the carpeting. Even with a super thorough cleaning, not all odors can go away. In these cases, the only way that you can get rid of the smells is to replace the carpeting.

If your carpet is holding dog or cat odors, dry vacuuming and professional hot water extraction cleaning may greatly improve their condition. If the odors are only on the surface and not in the pad, a hot water extraction service can do wonders for removing those lingering pet odors.

If you carpeting is keeping an odor, the best course of action is to call your professional carpet cleaner, explain the situation, and have them come over and perform a thorough hot water extraction cleaning.

To most odors… say goodbye!