Thinking About Do-It Yourself Carpet Cleaning?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is by far the most effective and efficient option for cleaning your carpets. But, it is not your only option. Let’s review the other carpet cleaning options and take a look at why it’s smart to hire a pro.

Many grocery stores or home improvement centers offer rentals for DIY (do it yourself) carpet cleaning. Hey, some folks just like to do things themselves! But, it is important to understand the drawbacks to these rental carpet cleaning machines.

Here’s the scenario: First, you drive to the store. Then, you try to find a sales associate to help you choose the right machine, cleaning solution and accessories. Then, you rent the machine and drive home. Then, you set up and clean your carpets. Simple? Definitely not.

The machine that you’ve rented operates very slowly. It’s heavy and bulky and it’s hard to maneuver around your house and in between furniture. It also uses a lot of water and cleaning solution, so you have to refill the tank several times. You’ll be making trips back and forth to your sink more times than you really care to. This can be exhausting!

You’re using your hottest tap water in the machine. But, it doesn’t stay hot very long. And, so, you are missing out on the cleaning power of using very hot water. Very hot water, which can only come from professional equipment, is crucial for the most efficient and effective clean possible.

Also, what happens when you run out of cleaning solution? That’s right, another trip to the store.

Rental machines also put out a lot of water and provide very little suction. This means that your carpets are getting soaked. It also means they will take a long time to dry.

Also, when it comes to spotting and getting out tough stains, these machines vary in their effectiveness. One thing they don’t have is the level of professional spotting equipment and solutions that a professional carpet cleaner has.

When you are done cleaning, you need to return the machine to the store. Yet another trip out to a big box store that you really don’t feel like making!

If a one-time rental doesn’t appeal to you and you want to buy a machine of your own to clean your carpets, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 and up. In addition to purchasing the machine, you’ll also need to buy cleaning solution and you’ll be responsible for any necessary maintenance. When your carpet cleaning machine breaks down, you will need to do the servicing or find someone who can service it. Belts breaking? Brushes not working? Prepare yourself for all of the time-consuming and costly maintenance that inevitably goes along with owning a complex machine.

As you can see, the do-it-yourself route of carpet cleaning has some serious drawbacks. From the length of time it takes to clean your carpets, to the amount of moisture left behind, to a less-effective cleaning, most times it is simply a more effective decision to hire a professional. The equipment, know-how, and efficiency of a professional is unmatched by DIY carpet cleaning. Plus, they do all the hard work!