What A Professional Cleaner Can Do For Your Favorite Couch

Do you have a favorite couch that has been with you for years? You know the one that you spent way too much money on because you simply couldn’t pass it up? You sat down on that soft, comfortable, and luxurious piece of furniture and wanted to spend the night on it. Only it was in a furniture store…so you had to purchase it!

That couch has been with you for a long time. It’s an old friend. Always there for you, and now for your children, as well. Those little rascals love to run around outside, to color in their coloring books, and even bring in food to eat on the couch when you’re not looking.

All of a sudden: What happened to my beautiful couch?!?!

Did you know that a living room couch is, on average, the most soiled piece of furniture in a home? This is all the more reason for a deep, thorough cleaning.

Couches act like filters for a room. Dust, dirt, body oils, and pet dander all accumulate on the surface and fibers of your couch. Think about how often you sit (or sleep!) on your couch, how your dog just loves to curl up for hours on that favorite sofa of yours, and how your cute little kids just can’t seem to keep their snacks from dripping and falling all over that beautiful piece of furniture that has been with you for years!

A couch cleaning is a great way to not only preserve and extend the life of your sofa, but also to make for a healthier and cleaner piece of furniture. With a professional cleaning you can expect surface soils and body oils to be broken down and rinsed away. The results of a couch cleaning are often fantastic and will leave you with your favorite piece of furniture looking and smelling and feeling brand new.