What to Expect the Day After You Have Your Carpets Cleaned

The day after you have your carpets cleaned you can expect them to look as fresh and bright as a spring day.

You also may have some questions: Are they dry? Is it ok to walk on them? Can I move my furniture back onto the carpets? What will they smell like? Do I need to vacuum them? These are all common concerns that you may have 24 hrs after the carpet cleaner has left your home.

One day after the cleaning, you can expect your carpets to be completely dry. After the hot water extraction process is complete, carpets do take time to dry, and that time can vary based on several factors. If your carpet was heavily soiled, then the carpet cleaner likely used a larger volume of water to clean them than if they were only lightly soiled. This makes for a more moist carpet due to the heavy water use.

Even when using large quantities of water, the carpet cleaner will make many dry passes over your carpet. These dry passes help to remove excess moisture and decrease dry times. You can expect dry time for your carpet to be anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, with 12 hours being the extreme. If you turned the heat up and/or placed fans in the carpeted areas, you can expect a faster dry time.

It’s important that your carpet is completely dry before you move any furniture back onto it. This is crucial because wooden furniture usually has a varnish or stain on it which can transfer onto a wet carpet and create a stain. The same goes for metal legs on furniture. Prolonged contact between the metal and wet carpet can create rust stains.

The question of odors is a good one. If your carpet was free of pet stains and other smelly substances, there is a good chance that there will be no residual odors coming from the clean carpet. However, sometimes a residual odor appears during the removal of pet stains or vomit. This residual odor can last for several hours. It is not likely that you will detect the odor 24 hrs after the cleaning if the removal was done correctly. Your carpet cleaner should discuss any issues regarding odors after they have finished the cleaning, so you understand what’s happening and what to expect.

You now have a beautiful, bright, and fresh looking carpet, so how can you keep it that way? When should you vacuum? Carpets will always act as filters in your house. Because of this, they will inevitably become resoiled over time. As traffic moves over the carpets, as air flows through the room, and as pets race across the carpet, the carpet will gradually pick up more and more soils. In addition to having regular professional cleanings, the best thing that you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. It is important to pick up dry soils on a regular basis. Vacuuming once a week or more helps preserve the cleanliness of your carpet.