What to Expect When Your Carpet Cleaner is in Your Home

Having a carpet cleaner in your home should be a positive experience for you and your family. Your carpet cleaner will treat your home, your carpets and your belongings with care and concern. They will tell you what to expect upfront, before they begin their work, so you don’t experience any surprises.

Most home service providers will bring a variety of equipment into your home while the job is underway. Your carpet cleaner uses equipment both outside your home and inside your home.

Your cleaner’s truck contains their truck mount hot water extraction machine. This machine is mounted in the truck and it operates from the truck throughout the cleaning. The truck mounted hot water extraction machine is extremely powerful, so you will likely hear this machine running from your cleaner’s truck. It sounds kind of like a leaf blower or a lawnmower, but it’s more powerful than both of those.

Your carpet cleaner needs water to get your carpets cleaned. Some carpet cleaners carry water in a freshwater tank in their truck, while others rely on the homeowner to supply the water. Your carpet cleaner should let you know in advance whether they need a water source at your home. If they do, it’s very helpful for you to show them your outdoor spigots. The carpet cleaner will simply hook up their garden hose to your spigot and run that hose to the hot water extractor mounted in their truck.

Your carpet cleaner will also run two of their own hoses from their truck to the cleaning equipment inside your house. The larger of these hoses is the vacuum hose, which extracts water from the carpeting and deposits it in the waste tank in the carpet cleaning truck. The smaller of these hoses is the solution hose. This hose carries the super hot water from the truck to the cleaning equipment in the home. During the first stage of the cleaning, this hose carries hot water, which is mixed with the pre-spray solution — the first cleaning agent that your technician sprayed on your carpet.

Later, during the rinsing stage of the cleaning, the solution hose contains a special acidic rinse that effectively remove soils and the cleaning agent from your carpet, while also neutralizing the pH of the carpet. The water your technician uses to clean your carpet can get very hot so it is best to avoid contact with this hose.

Inside your house, you will need to stay off of your carpets during the cleaning process and for a few hours after the cleaning. It’s important to let the carpets fully dry before you walk on them because a wet carpet will more easily pick up soil from your shoes. Plus, who wants to walk around in wet socks?!

Your carpet cleaner will wear plastic shoe covers (or booties) inside your home before, during, and after the cleaning. Wearing booties prevents the carpet cleaner from tracking outside soils into your home and onto your carpet. If you need to walk on the carpet while it is drying, ask your carpet cleaner to leave you your own pair of booties!

Sometimes the actual cleaning process creates temporary odors. When your carpet cleaner uses hot water and cleaning solutions to counteract stains such as urine and vomit, this reactivates the staining agent and temporarily gives off an odor. With a proper cleaning, the odor fades after the cleaning is complete. The carpet cleaner can also spray a deodorizer on your carpet to neutralize any smells.

Your carpet cleaner will clean one area at a time in your home. After they’re done with one area, they’ll install fans to increase airflow and promote drying while they work on the next area. They will relocate their fans as they move through your home.

Before your carpet cleaner packs up their equipment, they will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the cleanliness and look of your carpets. As with any work in your home, you should be completely satisfied before the service provider leaves your home. Your carpet cleaner will be happy to answer any questions that you have and they’ll tell you how to keep your carpets looking great after the cleaning.

After you are satisfied, your carpet cleaner will take all of their equipment out of your house and return it to their truck. They will leave your home and your carpets looking better than when they arrived!