When To Save Your Carpet and When To Throw It Away

One common question that many carpet cleaners are asked is, “Should I just replace it?!”

This is a good question.

Overly-soiled, old, worn-down carpets with plenty of mileage can negatively impact the appearance and the health of your home.

Carpeting acts as a filter for whatever is passing through your home, both on the surfaces and through the air. Dust gets blown around by your heating and air conditioning system and settles on your carpet. Your beautiful cats and dogs have been enjoying the soft comfort of your living room carpet for years. Your children have used the carpeting as a canvas for their artistic creations.

Sometimes carpets simply need to be replaced. A professional carpet cleaner can help you determine if now is that time.

If your carpet is very old, your carpet cleaner might recommend that you replace it. The more wear, tear, and years that the carpeting has are a pretty good indicator of the shape it is in. Even with cleanings every 6 months for 25 years, a 25 year-old carpet is still 25 years old. Sometimes a carpet will be totally out of style too. Shag carpeting? Electric green plush carpeting from the 80’s?

Your carpet cleaner might also recommend that you replace your carpet if it’s host to several urine stains. It is all too common for a dog or cat to absolutely destroy a carpet with their urine. The carpet could be brand new, but, if there are 15 urine spots all throughout the room, there might be an odor that’s so strong that it merits replacement!

Sometimes your carpet cleaner recommends that you replace your carpet because the cost to clean it will outweigh the replacement cost. And, not every stain can be 100% removed. So, your carpet cleaner might have worked hard to get out the kool-aid stain from the middle of your cream-colored living room carpet. But, they could only make the stain 75% better. If this is your situation, it might be time for a new carpet.

Some carpets are so heavily soiled that a deep cleaning will only do so much. Years and years of heavy traffic, pets, and spills can quite simply leave carpets to ruin! This is just what happens.

The best way to prevent the necessity of premature, untimely replacement is to have your carpeting professionally cleaned on a regular schedule. The best way to keep your carpets fresh for the longest time possible is to have them professionally cleaned every six months. This schedule will help prevent the buildup of soils over time and ensure the effectiveness of future cleanings. Regular stain management by your carpet cleaner will help keep your carpeting looking fresh and as stain free as possible.

With regular cleanings, your carpeting should stay fresh and last for years to come.

When was your last cleaning?